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It is too early to tell whether Apple has loosened up or letting things slip through the cracks. The iPhone 4S, the only product to come post-Jobs, is built off of a strong predecessor. Apple still has solid supply chain management, a great foothold in the apps/music industry, and is dominating the tablet marketshare. This is the Apple we all know and expect. The real question here is — what do we do when Apple fails our expectations? Continue reading

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John Gruber’s theory of what an iTV may actually look like: A Newsstand with TV apps, like ESPN or HBO, as channels. Brilliant idea. Will TV networks work as hard as print media distributors have on iOS content? Given that … Continue reading

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John Gruber: I’ve always been interested in Apple’s products because of their superior design; the business side of the company was never of as much interest. But at this point, it seems clear to me that however superior Apple’s design … Continue reading

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