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About: Weekly Download is a tech opinion blog and podcast founded by Tarun Gangwani and Christopher Robbins in July 2011. Everyday, we feature various posts and links published on reputable blogs, news sites and other media. Additionally, Weekly Download exists as a forum for the discussion on the latest in overarching tech trends and concepts actively discussed in the industry. Original commentary and thoughts are posted by the site’s producers, which garners significant traffic from our readers. A summary of our linked and featured content is provided each week on a syndicated podcast via iTunes and RSS.

Goal Statement: Weekly Download is our medium for providing opinion on the latest in technology news and trends. It is our intent to provide insightful, unique perspectives on our increasingly complex society. Both of us share a passion for technology and have ambition to continue to gain more knowledge on the subject. Our opinion is open for discussion, and we encourage you to submit feedback on our posts. Thank you for reading and listening.


  • Audience: tech evangelists, podcast listeners, cross-platform users, college students, older adults, experience designers, developers
  • Interests: New technology, gadgets, advertising, social media, SEO, privacy, mobile, computing, OS technology, application development, tech news, philosophy, design
  • Geography: Based in Bloomington, IN which is a hub for social media trends and IT in the Midwest, but generally listened to in the US.


  • The only form of advertisement on Weekly Download is via the a sponsorship for the week. This includes the following: (1) A linked item to your web page posted on our blog (and syndicated on our Twitter feed, Facebook wall and RSS feed); (2) A 200 px wide deck image on the right hand side of every page on the website for the duration of the sponsored week; (3) A 1:00 minute summary of your product on the podcast for that week.
  • If a sponsorship is not renewed by the end of the week, the image will be removed. However, your linked item will remain on the page and the podcast will remain unaltered.
  • Complete care and attention is given to every sponsor, and special requests or recommendations will be included upon request. For example, scripted advertisements are completely acceptable, should you wish to take that route. We recommend “free-form” advertisement, as that has results and doesn’t turn off listeners.

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