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The Windows 8 announcement has jipped some current Nokia handset owners, including myself. I understand why — my device doesn’t support most of the capabilities the new software includes (NFC support, shared core). No beef with that, and I’m happy for the new start screen.

My problem is how inane this statement is:

I think that ultimately your typical customer probably isn’t all that aware of this upgrade thing.

It is criminal to say something like that. That’s the equivilent of saying:

Our users are dumb, and won’t know the difference.

Need I remind you that iOS has some of the fastest upgrade rates. Moreover, Apple in general has really made it a big deal to upgrade. Why?

  1. New software makes it seem like a device is reborn. It makes people excited all over again, and motivates people to continue to use the product. By assuming that people aren’t noticing, you assume that the same people won’t be envious of the new products you will proceed to market the hell out of for the next months (if you know what you are doing, that is).
  2. Having the latest updates ensures future compatibility and integrity of the software. In other words, continued support means bugs are fixed and people are happy. Thinking most people won’t know what’s going on is to say that people will happily use a phone that is constantly breaking, because “they can’t have any better.” Wrong.

Again, I agree with not supporting a device in multiple ways, but saying that people won’t notice is ridiculously off base.

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