Link: Marco Arment Comments on a Rumored Thinner 15” Macbook Pro →

Interesting thoughts on USB 3:

It will be interesting to see if Apple addresses this rumored MacBook Pro’s lack of Firewire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet by making adapters available, and if so, whether those adapters use USB 3 or Thunderbolt.

I had wondered about this omission from the adapter lineup, and I really hope they do release one, as I’m sure it would also work on the Macbook Airs already out.

Which makes me wonder — will they drop the “Air” signification this year, like they did when they added “Pro” to the entry level unibody Macbook in 2008? An “Air” classification would mean one that is light weight, but according to Marco removing that optical drive doesn’t really decrease the weight.

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