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For those of you keeping score:

  • DropBox announced a small update to their services allowing users to share any file within the service, even if it isn’t specifically made public.
  • Microsoft augmented SkyDrive to integrate with Mac OS X finder, announced space plans, and improvements to its Windows Phone app.

Today, Google announces Drive which integrates with the entire Docs suite and offers 5GB of storage, below SkyDrive’s free offering of 25GB (if you activate it today) and above Dropbox’s offering of 2GB. Out of the box, Google also has thrown in Finder integration as well, making it a solid offering for those disenchanted by the Microsoft alternative.

I’ve been a long time user of Dropbox, and had enjoyed the simplicity of integration with all my devices, up until my recent move to the WP ecosystem. I happened to move over to SkyDrive at the right time, since they just announced the changes above right upon me switching over. Google Drive would be a nice offering, but Microsoft thus far seems to undercut them when you consider space alone. Google’s advantage is the tight integration with the Docs suite, which should be nice for people who already use the service.

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